"For I looked into my mirror and did see my own worst enemy"

This poem was written by fellow LOTH sister Myst. Click here to visit Myst's website where you can see and read her beautiful artwork and poetry.

Eye to Eye

I looked to see what I could see
I looked both hard and long
And the image looking back at me
Was the one who'd done me wrong.

Full five foot seven with hair of gold
Wearing glasses and quite obese
She glared at me with eyes so bold
And dislike which did not cease.

YOU made me the way I am
Her eyes did say to me
But I'll do all that ever I can
To set this captive free.

For right across the years, she said
Whenever things went right
You always laughed at me, and jeered
And turned my 'right' to plight.

You made sure to undermine
My strength, my self-esteem
Despair fermented it on the vine
Along with my hopes and dreams

And through this terrible diatribe
With those eyes so fixed on mine
The truth rang out from what she described
And I drank that bitter wine.

But yet her words like daggers aimed
Did lance my wounded heart
And I did see we're both the same
One whole but sep'rate parts.

"For I looked into my mirror and did see my own worst enemy"

N M Burt (Myst) 9th July, 2001

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