pop, nanaThis is a photo of my paternal grandparents just before they were married. Nana was 16 at the time - I don't know how old Pop was. Nana was Italian and although everyone thought Pop was Italian too, he was in fact Austrian. This is because the northern border of Italy as it is now is different to what it was when Pop was born. After the first world war the border was moved north taking in a part of Austria and the area where he was born. Nana and Pop had 2 sons, Armando (John) my father, and Enzo (Vincent) - John and Vincent being the names the boys took when they migrated to Australia. Nana died in 1981 when I was pregnant with Lana. Although she knew of my pregnancy she was never to see these 2 grandchildren. Pop died not long after Luke was born.

The following 2 photos were taken Christmas 1975

pop    nana


2 early photos of my maternal grandparents and a later one of my granny. I never knew this grandfather as he died when Mum was only 15. However I grew very close to my granny - she died in 1974 just before I turned 20.

my grannymy grandpa granny

mum and dad

My parents just after they were married in December 1952. Dad died in 1973 just before my 19th birthday, he was only 46 years old.


4 generations here - Pop, Uncle Vin, Lana and myself

lana, karen, pop, vin



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