Born Karen Birti at Bethlehem Hospital, Gardenvale, Victoria on the 7th May, 1954.

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A couple of funny things Mum remembers from when she was in hospital after having given birth to me. The first - when the sister brought me to Mum after I had been cleaned up and bathed, Mum was sure they had given her the wrong baby - Mum was sure they'd given her a Chinese baby! My eyes had folds in them at the corners and were still sort of creased up. There happened to be a Chinese lady who had just given birth round about the same time, and Mum was sure they'd given her the Chinese baby! Luckily my granny was around straight after the birth and told Mum not to be ridiculous - anyone would know that in a few hours or so the folds and creases would disappear and she'd see she had the right baby.
The next thing was Mum overhearing only part of a conversation between a couple of the sisters. They were saying "if ........(this part she couldn't hear).......she'll lose it." Another drama, Mum thinking that something is wrong with me and I'm going to die. But, luckily, my granny to the rescue again. Off she marched to find out what the sisters were talking about - "losing it" referred to Mum's milk, not the baby!

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